How To Wear Bridesmaid Dresses And Be The Perfect Bridesmaid On The Big Day

New couples wear formal wedding dresses during the wedding ceremony, so bridesmaids will also wear bridesmaid dresses that coordinate with the wedding dresses in terms of color and style. Brides may have two or more dresses depending on the customised eyelash box and scale of the weddings, but one dress is usually enough for bridesmaids so it’s important to get it right.

Which Bridesmaid Dress Is Going To Look Great And Be Comfortable?

The style should be appropriate for a wedding and not too cumbersome. We also suggest that the color shouldn’t be strong like red or black; rather something tender such as pink, orange, champagne or customised eyelash box gray would be perfect. The principal rule of choosing bridesmaid dresses is not to be brighter and more noticeable than the bride’s dress. One thing to keep in mind is that the brides are always the star on that day.

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The primary job for bridesmaids is to serve the bride, helping her to get ready and be prepared for the different parts of the day. It’s also a tough job to be bridesmaids as they may need to stay by the bride’s side all day long, walking around and carrying things. So the bridesmaids’ shoes should be comfortable, not too tight and with heels that aren’t too high or thin..

Kxsta Length Of The Dress

If it’s an indoor wedding and the occasion is formal, like in a church, and the bride wears a dress with a train, then the bridesmaid dresses should be formal too. To be specific, the skirt should reach the top of their shoes, but cannot be fuller than the bride’s, otherwise they might be in danger of stealing the bride’s thunder and could find it hard to help her with her train as she walks down the aisle.

If it’s an outdoor wedding, like on a lawn, the bridesmaid dresses can be short. This will be more comfortable as there’s a lot more movement and activity in outdoor weddings and bridesmaids have little time to take care of themselves. So a short skirt will be easy to wear and fuss-free.

The Color And The Style Of Bridesmaid Dresses

As mentioned, coordination with the wedding dress is a bridesmaid dresses main role. Therefore plain and light colors are a priority, but you’d better not choose white! Pink, champagne and light green may be good options. Those with wonderful design on the back are suggested, as bridesmaids may have more time to have their backs towards guests. A good option is to choose a lace-up back which is very attractive.

As to the styles, those such as low-cut dresses in which a big range of movements can easily lead to accidental exposure are better to be avoided. On the other hand, sheath dresses won’t have these problems as they hug the figure and won’t let anything fall out.


Obviously brides won’t carry bags with them, but bridesmaids should carry one to take things that the brides may need during the wedding. During the actual ceremony the bag should be ditched, but it should be kept easily to hand and contain emergency items such as makeup, safety pins for wardrobe issues, sanitary towels and anything else that the bride is likely to need in a hurry.


Get rid of anything that impedes your movement. An elegant necklace and a pair of crystal earrings are just fine. Avoid too much bling, as you are not the center of attention here.


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Bridesmaids should wear soft and simple makeup and it should look natural. Do not go for smoky eyes and wear artificial customised eyelash box. Some light lip color will make bridesmaids look confident and vigorous, which will look nice at the wedding while not grabbing attention from the brides.

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