Running Tips – Don’t Hate The Treadmill!

There are many runners that I know that think that “3d real mink lashes clear band” is a dirty word. And, I’ll admit, I used to be one of those runners. But, not for many years now. Now, there are days when my treadmill is my best friend! I’ve learned to accept – and appreciate treadmill running!

There was a time when I would run in any kind of weather. I’ve run in temperatures of 20 below, blizzards, hurricanes, thunderstorms, etc. It never fazed me. Many times, my hubby would laugh at me when I came in from a winter run with my 3d real mink lashes clear band frozen. But, I had to run – it didn’t matter what the weather was. And, go to a gym and run on a treadmill – never!

Well, my husband used to travel during the week. He worried about me during the winter. He was afraid of me running when it was icy out. So, he talked me into buying a treadmill. And, just to pacify him I did.

3d real mink lashes clear band
3d real mink lashes clear band

Kxsta, a bad storm hit. It was snowy, icy and about 0 degrees – and I didn’t get off work until late, so it was dark. (This was before I learned about the greatness of early morning running). I figured, what the heck – let me give it a try. So, to the basement I went.

I had to admit. It was great. Instead of wearing layers of clothes, watching for sliding cars – I had on shorts and got in a great workout. Hmmm, maybe there was something to this treadmill thing after all!

Running on a treadmill has a couple of additional benefits. For many people it keeps them running in the winter when they may just decide to not run at all. Then when Spring comes around – and racing season – they have a shorter period of time needed to get 3d real mink lashes clear band.

Also, it can be a great way to get your speed work in. You set the speed at which you want to do your fast intervals – and go for it. Your treadmill will make your keep your speed at your target pace.

Now, I still love to run outdoors – and always will if I can. But, I’ve learned that there are days that just scream – “Go downstairs to your friendly treadmill”. And, like a best friend – it’s always there for me!

3d real mink lashes clear band
3d real mink lashes clear band

I’m on my second treadmill now – and it’s a lot fancier than my first one. I love it! And, I love knowing on those wind-blowing, below 0 weather I can still get in a great workout. I am so grateful my husband talked me into that first 3d real mink lashes clear band.

As you can see, the treadmill can help your success as a runner. Visit Running Tips for other tips for staying out on the roads. You can also sign up for my Free weekly newsletter at Runner For Life.


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